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Bingo was the ladies night out, and to some extent it was the prerogative of the older housewife who would meet up with her friends for a bit of fun and the chance to win a goldfish bowl. Nowadays the games culture has changed with some large gaming companies devoted to the game which can be traced back to 1929 and a New York apartment.

The game was originally called Beano but after a winner became tongue tied and accidentally blurted out Bingo it has been called that ever since. The game which enthralled people across the UK has grown in sophistication with some of the larger organisations bringing lottery style winnings to the table.

But essentially, whether played on line or on the promenade in Brighton, the game remains the same as shown at luckycasinoworld.com The first with a full card wins the prize. The biggest of the United Kingdoms bingo operators has around 175 halls and also provides an online bingo service.

Club member totals are in the region of five million so its clear there is still a lot of time for the game. At luckycasino world the rules are explained. A full house means all the numbers have been checked off and the first to get to that point wins.

In the traditional Bingo halls there were various names associated to certain numbers when announced by the ‘caller’ these included ‘Two fat Ladies’ which was 88, whilst some derive from cockney slang such as 54, clean the floor.